A better way to Real Estate

The Old Way

Spend days searching for good deals
Copy/Paste into Excel Spreadsheets
Struggle for another 3 months to close (if you haven't lost the deal already to someone else)

The Realdax Way

Find amazing deals in seconds
Valuate properties in real time
Close in days, instead of months. Then, find out what to do with all you newfound extra time.

A powerhouse for Real Estate Pros

Made by Realtors and Investors, for Realtors and Investors, RealDAX was built to help you save more time and money, have more time and money; and most importantly do well by doing good.

Amazing Deal Finder

See deal quality label on every property, front and center. No more guesswork.

Meaningful Insights

Fresh data every 15 minutes: MLS, Foreclosures, Parcel, Taxes, and more.

Powerful Filters

Powerful pro filters like Quality of Life, Cash on Cash, Cap Rate and Rental Value.

Competitive Advantage

Exclusive access for pros with valuations, rent estimates, ARV, RealHOA™, and full pro-formas for every property.

Simplicity and Sophistication

Simple and modern. No training required. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; you'll love the experience or your money back.

Bitcoin Ready. Blockchain Qualified.

Pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash and Monero. Without the volatility and without the liability.

We work with many industry partners to bring you the best results

Our goal is simple

but profound.

Technologies like investment analytics, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are radically changing the real estate industry as we know it. That’s why we are building an open and transparent real estate system for the world. One where people have access to actionable market analytics to drive tactical decision making, and where transactions take seconds instead of months.

We bring clarity to life’s largest investment: the purchase of a home.

RealDAX was made by industry pros to run our businesses like 21st-century businesses, and help our customers be better buyers and more informed sellers. We empower people with artificial intelligence and decentralized technologies that bring transparency and value to the largest asset class in the world. We are making it easier, faster and more profitable to be a modern Real Estate Professional.

Come join us as we define the next chapters of our industry.

Old Problems Out.
New Possibilities In.

Did you know Realtors spend around 50% of their time in front of their computers doing market research? Did you also know that 0% of the top producers fit in this group? This is because top producers know building their relationships and their network is what pays off in the long run, over and over again. But how can you build relationships if you are always in front of a screen? Having the right tools that save you time, and allow agents to focus on the right things is paramount to growing a real estate business. RealDAX saves you time. RealDAX makes you fast. RealDAX optimizes your sales process.

Have you noticed what happens when you are looking for houses in a traditional property search engine (like the one you are using today)? You get a bunch of dots on a map, and you are left to figure out where to click on first, how to sort them and how to evaluate their deal potential on your own, one by one. It takes days if you want to compare every property on a simple and small result set. But you always want to make sure you are looking at the absolute best deal of the bunch, so what do you do? Unlike these old-school tools, RealDAX ranks properties automatically based on their hyperlocal investment value and show you the best ones first, the exact same way Google ranks pages when you search and shows you the more relevant ones at the top. It’s pretty sweet.

What They’re Saying

A game changer for any solo-realtor. If you don’t have a team, I don’t see another way to keep up with educated clients in this highly competitive industry.

Vanessa SuarezBroker, Lukso Realty

As a manager, I am always on the lookout for tools, processes, and ideas that can make my Realtors and my office more productive. RealDAX is the perfect blend of technology and information that is helping my Realtors get to that next level. This is the future of Real Estate, and it's amazing that it's happening in Miami.

Martha PomaresBroker, Douglas Elliman

I’m not a technology person at all, and I’m able to use it every day. It was harder to learn how to do email than RealDAX.

Julio TrianaRealtor, Decorus Realty

Just the time it saves me finding my next deal is ridiculous. It pays for itself in a few keystrokes. Would not do it any other way.

Yacel NunezInvestor

Wow! I was blown away the minute I saw it [RealDAX]. This is the future of real estate, and I’m so happy to be part of it.

Vesna NovakovicAttorney, Rafaty Law

Real estate investment should not be rocket science and that is precisely what RealDAX does, it takes the rocket out of the equation and it makes the science very simple. Super impressed for how far the vision of the RealDAX team has taken them.

Alessandro AnnosciaInvestor

As an independent Real Estate Agent, I do all my property search in RealDAX. No other tool necessary. Super simple to use. Highly recommended.

Sarah YadavRealtor, First World Realty

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