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We make innovation for Real Estate Professionals.

There For You

We are here to support your business, and navigate the high tides by your side.

Focus And Clarity

RealDAX can't run your business for you, but it can help you get farther with clarity.

High Impact Innovation

Helping Pros with the tools and training necessary to reach escape velocity.

Bringing RealDAX to your business comes with many benefits

Our focus is to bring transparency to life's largest investment: the purchase of a home. We think that starts with Real Estate Agents and Investors, and by empowering you with the best tools necessary to find great real estate and offer amazing services to people.

Find Deals Easily.

To get a good deal, you want to be first or last, and nothing in-between. You get good deal alerts in real time as they come to market.

Get Your Time Back.

Agents using RealDAX save an average of 7 hours per week finding deals. Stop staring at the screen all the time, is better to talk to people.

Faster Contracts.

Using the RealDAX platform can help you decrease your average time to contract and sales cycle by 11 days.

Convert More Leads.

Increase Lead to Opportunity conversion rate by 29%. That’s how much difference it makes to show the right property backed by math.

Knowledge Sells.

Nothing is more annoying to an investor than a Realtor that doesn’t get basic investment theory. With us, you become an investment master.

Be A Better Negotiator.

Negotiating down? Show them a “CMA leaning buyer”. Negotiating up? Show them a “CMA leaning seller”. Either way, one click away.

Pay with cryptocurrencies.
Without the volatility.
Without the liability.

[coming later this year]


RealDAX uses blockchain technology so you can send a legally binding contract with one click.


Buy and sell with Bitcoin, Dash or Monero. We'll settle to the fiat or crypto of the seller's preference for you.


We partner with innovative local service providers to support instant escrow services in minutes on the blockchain.


We support counties when they adopt blockchain to record title. In RealDAX you can record title easier, cheaper and faster.

For Real Estate Agents

RealDAX is used today by many realtors from newbies to top producers. We give you access to MLS, Public Record, and Foreclosures with an industry-leading property finder that leaps those old-school MLS applications you pay hundreds for. Keep your clients engaged by giving them access to your own branded portal so they can search using the same pro-tools you have without losing them to competitors. You’ll know every step of the way their engagement and when they are most likely to pull the trigger.

For Real Estate Investors

As an investor, you know the reward is on the result, not the hunt. Ditch the time-consuming property search, for RealDAX’s deal finder, which automatically runs financial pro-formas for every single property in the market every 15 minutes, and tells you where the best deals are. Skip the trip to the gas station, don’t skip the walk to the park with family, or another day at the beach. Simply use RealDAX to find your deals, put the offers, and let the cashing machine make its awesome sounds.

For Brokerages

Top producers know technology is the big differentiator, and they expect brokers to support them with more than a printer and fax machines. Attract the best agents and invest in the technology and tools for them to succeed. Your buying power also gives you insights into realtor performance by price point, volume and more, a great benefit for your growing business.

For Associations

We understand no two real estate businesses are identical. For our larger enterprise customers (1000+ agents), such as large brokerages and associations we offer additional benefits and training packages at no additional cost, premium 24/7 online and phone support, and a dedicated account manager that works with you to maximize the ROI for your business and your agents every day.

Your trusted technology advisor

RealDAX brings you many benefits from our technology innovations in Real Estate. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and bread that into the tools we make. They are simple, powerful, and help you make decisions because they give you insight. We are not your average tool because we are not your average partner.