We are here to bringing transparency

to life’s largest investment:

The Purchase of a Home

We had experienced first-hand the difficulty of finding good real estate deals online to keep our investment portfolio growing.

Almost everywhere you looked for investments, it was becoming easier to find assets and invest online; from apps that enabled you to build a stock portfolio starting with $10, to auto-savings based on investing your change in a high yield savings account.

Real Estate, however, was held down by legacy players and closely guarded paywalls, only accessible to a few. It was clear to us that there should be a transparent real estate system where contributors get rewarded, time is not spent chasing the wrong properties with the wrong people, and data is accessible by all.

Intelerit launched in May 2016. We rebranded our platform to RealDAX in February 2018 to better serve the needs of our customers.

The Timeline

Our Team & Experience

We are one big family, spread across 4 countries, 4 time-zones, and speaking 5 languages. That means we are diverse, with a world view of our purpose and a big level of commitment towards inclusion, trust and transparency.

Here are some of the companies we have delivered technology products and worked on multi-million dollar, multi-year projects for. Our family brings experience from delivering products to well funded startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

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Michel Triana

Business Development

His passion is the empowerment of others, to see them succeed and to help them grow out of their shells

Spencer Lyon

Community & Partnerships

He oversees our Community, PR, and Partnership development, his mission is to cultivate a great relation with our users

Eydel Rivero

Engineering & Data Science

"THE" software Engineer and Data Scientist working on estimation models for property prices, rentals and more.

Yamel Amador

Web Development

Amazing at taking UI styling from meticulous to ridiculously perfect to get that WYSIWYG moment any UI designer dreams of.

Ernesto Veira

Data Management & Engineering

Passionate about statistics and thankful he gets to explore this new world of data analysis and statistics.

Monica Osorno

Design & User Experience

She is passionate about Human Center Design, UI/UX, Goal-driven designs solutions and TV Shows