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We are building an open and transparent real estate system for the world, and bringing clarity to life’s largest investment: the purchase of a home.

We had experienced first-hand the difficulty of finding good real estate deals online to keep our investment portfolio growing. Almost everywhere you looked for investments, it was becoming easier to find assets and invest online; from apps that enabled you to build a stock portfolio starting with $10, to auto-savings based on investing your change in a high yield savings account.

Real Estate, however, was held down by legacy players and closely guarded paywalls, only accessible to a few. It was clear to us that there should be a transparent real estate system where contributors get rewarded, time is not spent chasing the wrong properties with the wrong people, and data is accessible by all. Our company launched in May 2016.

Using the RealDAX name in copy

We put a lot of thought into our name and our identity.

We created the identity, name and brand guidelines to help everyone accurately reflect RealDAX across the web.


Logo Variations

We know how important is to you and your readers a cohesive design language in your content. That’s why we have created variations of the RealDAX logo and mark to fit every need. When you are using them on different backgrounds, you can use one of the variations shown below. If you feel you need something unique and different, please reach out to with your request.



Logo and Mark

When using our logo and mark, choose elements that respect the colors, aspect ratios, and official spacing. RealDAX transcends its name, and we want its identity to be reflected everywhere it goes, from print to digital. Representing the company accurately help our customers connect with our message in a meaningful way.

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You can also reach out to our PR liaison:

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