This is not your average real estate tool. This app shows you where the best deals are and adapts to your business as the market changes.

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A Better Way to Real Estate.

The ultimate real estate authority that brings together MLS, Public Records, Foreclosures and more to fit the needs of busy professionals. It’ll also handle recommendations, follow up reminders, and deal alerts, taking the real estate experience to a whole new level.

And that’s just the beginning.

Breakthrough property search.

We completely reimagined how people should find properties in the real estate industry. RealDAX combines predictive analysis technology and smart data to deliver the highest-accuracy search suggestions in your market every time. This elegantly designed, simple to use search will forever change the way you do real estate.

RealDAX Property Search
Neighborhood quality of life at a glance
Find properties with good investment returns
Support for traditional property filters like price, beds and baths, only better because you can mark how important each is to you.
RealDAX shows you which property is a good or bad deal with a clearly marked label
For the first time, you’ll get access to Real HOAs, regardless if the listing agent entered good HOA fees or bad ones. We’ll always show you the real one.
Search properties with any status, including backup offers, and off-market opportunities, all one click away.

Financial Filters.

Be loved twice as much.

RealDAX has a unique set of financial filters, each with its own industry-leading metric to evaluate the investment quality of a property. It's the only platform that focuses on giving you full control over CapRate, IRR, Cash on Cash and Rental Yield all at the same time, without requiring a PhD in Finance.

Quality of Life.

Find a place to grow.

We answer the most asked question to every agent. For the first time you can enjoy searching for homes with a “Great Quality of Life”, which accounts for things like crime rate, schools, access to entertainment and more. Simply move the slider and voila.

Market insights.

Data alone is useless.

Our search engine analyzes over 4 million property records and close to 200 million data points every 15 minutes. We then run our proprietary RealHOA, valuation and rental models over 100% of the properties so you get amazing results every time without even thinking about it. The biggest brain ever in Real Estate Tech is here.

Deal Quality Labels.

Deals. Made. Simple.

RealDAX has the only real estate app to rank properties based on deal quality and clearly labels each one as Good, Average or Bad Deal. We show you the jewel in the mud, so you can recommend the best deals to your clients with confidence every time.

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A New Experience.

Beautifully Designed.

RealDAX is a radical departure from the clunky legacy apps plaguing the real estate industry. A simple and intuitive navigation designed for both aesthetic and speed performance. The available mobile app with real estate x-ray vision is gorgeous from every angle, and gives you powerful insights while staying out of the way. And without any complicated setups or training required, RealDAX can fit in your busy schedule to free your time for the things that matter most.

A command center for the modern agent.

RealDAX is built to bring out the best in the Real Estate Market. With our intelligent analytics platform and access to virtually all the property and ownership data out there, it’s like having your very own investment advisor and negotiation coach on every transaction.


Your Market Dashboard

Not any market, your market. Keep tabs on buyer and seller markets, discounts and price trends. You’ll be first to know when the tides are about to change, so you can be better prepared to take on business regardless of market sentiment.

Performance Monitor

How do you where to go if you don’t know clearly where you’ve been. RealDAX tracks your performance and helps you set goals to predict your potential revenues and growth.

Better than easy. It’s automatic!

All you need to do is figure out what to do

with all your newly found extra-time.

Trusted by real estate pros from world-class organizations

Power Up No. 1

Full Financial Pro-Formas

RealDAX does all the heavy lifting for you. Automatically. Like full property pro-formas with 100% coverage without you lifting a finger.

Power Up No. 2

Dynamic CMAs

How many times have you wanted to ‘adjust a tiny bit’ your CMAs to get an edge? Now you can ask RealDAX for a CMA that’s “leaning buyer” or “leaning seller”. Yeah, we know… you’re welcome.


Pay with cryptocurrencies and leverage blockchain technology. Without the volatility. Without the liability.

[coming later this year]

RealDAX uses blockchain technology so you can send a legally binding contract with one click.
We partner with innovative local service providers to support instant escrow services in minutes on the blockchain.
Buy and sell with Bitcoin, Dash or Monero. We’ll settle to the fiat or crypto of the seller’s preference for you.
We support counties when they adopt blockchain to record title. In RealDAX you can record title easier, cheaper and faster.
With You On The Go

The RealDAX mobile app is the perfect companion when you are on the go.

X-Ray Vision

Stop using your fingers, start using your eyes. Simply point your smartphone to a home you want to x-ray.

Instant Insights

In seconds, you’ll know if it’s a good or bad deal, its tax-roll, ownership information, and more.

Easy and Convenient

Real Estate information was never this accessible. You asked for it, and now it’s here.


Don’t worry, we are a friendly bunch, and are here to help.

Chat with us by clicking on the bubble in the lower right side of the screen, or email us at [email protected]. You may also find tons of useful answers in our Help Center.

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