A whole new way to buy Real Estate

Accept Bitcoin for your Real Estate deals.

Without the volatility. Without the liability.


The easiest way to buy US Real Estate with bitcoin.


Buying a home usually entails making multiple wire transfers between bank accounts. Each wire usually ranges between $25-$50, plus servicing, and you end up paying somewhere between $100-$200 for a transaction. This can go 2x or 3x if done internationally. The Bitcoin network fee for a transaction of any size is $0.71 (as of Q2-2019).


Wire transfers in the US take usually a few hours if done in the morning hours, or up to 24 hours if done in the afternoon. International wires can take 2-3 days. And these are only confirmation times. Settlement times take days in all cases. Contrast that with the worst case scenarios of BTC, which takes seconds for a confirmation, and up to 20 minutes for settlement… and is open 24/7.


Wires and transfers need Fedwire, or CHIPS, or SWIFT, each of which has different formats and paperwork requirements. Sending BTC from A to B takes a single address every time.


Depending on the origin and destination of funds, there are a plethora of arguments and issues to be considered with fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.). For all cryptocurrencies, the world is its backyard, there are no borders, no administrations, no justification.


With Realdax, we can help you settle your BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR and XRP directly into your new real estate acquisition.

We do all the regulatory due diligence, so you don't have to

Focus on what you do best, and let us carry the regulatory compliance load



Know Your Customer rules are automatically enforced and validated with an easy 18-question procedure if the buyer is coming from a pre-approved list of counties, and takes 48 hours to complete.


Anti-Money Laundering is the set of rules enforced by FINRA, and reported directly by your title company or participating MSB to ensure the source of your client's crypto-assets are clean from illicit activity.


Every step of the way, we help you guarantee the audit trail of all funds and origination sources that end up funding your real estate deal, and prepare the audit to comply tax withholdings enforced by FIRPTA.

Open for business

You can now be a true international Real Estate Professional, and sell US-based Real Estate to clients from all over the world with all sorts of digital assets, without needing a masters degree in cryptocurrencies.

  • Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and more from your buyers
  • Comply with US regulatory frameworks
  • Run validated KYC and AML over client’s and source of funds
  • Access to a real time audit trail of all originations
  • Your commissions are paid in US Dollars as a regular transaction

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For the first time ever, real estate professionals have a partner that enables them to open up more doors to do business with a new type of client: the crypto-investor.

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