The Real Estate Data Dashboard gives you a one-stop shop to all your market and property search needs.

Analyzing Real Estate Data and identifying good investments opportunities has never been this easy.

The best agents use knowledge and speed as their secret weapon. The Real Estate Market Analytics Dashboard gives you both and makes you an instant expert in any market you want.

Real Estate Dashboard Data Realdax

More is always better. We combine multiple data sources and make it all accessible to you in Realdax. It's just a better way to do real estate.

Realdax Real Estate Data Catalog gives you access to multiple MLS feeds, Public Records, Tax Assessor’s Data, Foreclosures and more to fit your needs. We start at the parcel level and layer these rich information data sources on top of it, so you can access Census Data, Demographics, Market Intelligence, Analytics, Trends and more in beautiful data streams without ever leaving the Professional Real Estate Platform. With Realdax by your side, forget about not playing the same game, you’ll be on a totally different league altogether.

Breakthrough property search.

We completely reimagined how people should find properties in the real estate industry. Realdax uses investment analysis and real estate data to rank properties based on how they compare with the rest of the inventory in terms of financial returns. The Professional Real Estate Platform is the only property search engine that brings you closer to the good deals, and keeps you away from the bad ones. Your clients will love you with their wallets. With our premium Real Estate Data you have access to unique filters like Quality of Life™, Investment Returns like Cap Rate and Cash on Cash, amongst many others.

After you use it, you’ll wonder why would anyone do it in any other way.

Realdax's Real Estate Investment Property Search
Search by map area, neighborhood, ZIP or city. You can also filter by the Neighborhood Quality of Life (from poor to excellent)
Find properties with good investment returns. Filter by Cap Rate and Cash on Cash as simple as peanut butter and jelly.
Support for traditional property filters like beds, baths, size and year.
Realdax shows you which property is a good or bad deal with a clearly marked label on all properties.
Search properties with any status, including for sale, rent and even off-markets.
Filter by property types is a breeze. Here you can find both residential and commercial property types to narrow your search.

Financial Filters

Realdax offers a unique set of financial filters to evaluate the investment quality of a property, based on industry metrics. It’s the only platform with a search engine focused on ranking properties based on returns like Cap Rate, IRR, Cash on Cash and Rental Yield. Learn More

Quality of Life™

Have you heard those surveys for “Best cities to live in the world”. Well, we thought this was pretty cool, so we brought it down to every single property with our own Quality of Life index. It accounts for things like crime rate, schools, access to entertainment and more. Learn More

Deal Quality Labels

How do you know if a listing is a Good Deal? Every property in Realdax has an easy to read GOOD, AVG or BAD DEAL label, so you know what you are looking at. We compare every property with similar ones and evaluate their potential returns to determine which one is better. Learn More

Residential? Yes, please

Commercial? Yesss!

Every piece of Real Estate calls Realdax home, regardless if it’s Commercial or Residential. Since we include all properties at the parcel level, we can scout for you all Commercial properties even those not listed by your MLS, and help you calculate a financial proforma in just minutes. Learn More

Ready for a Real Estate Data Revolution?

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A New Experience.

Beautifully Designed.

The Professional Real Estate Platform is a radical departure from the clunky legacy apps most real estate professionals are used to. We sweat every little detail, every piece of data, every single pixel to excruciating detail to bring the most powerful, yet beautiful experience ever created with Real Estate Data. Anybody can put together a bunch of data files in a web page, but it takes real dedication and experience to do it elegantly. You’ll fall in love with the experience as much as you will with the data.


Financial proformas on every property

Realdax automatically determines market value, potential rental income and expenses for every property, and does the math to calculate financial proformas for short and long term investments. Access and share Premium Real Estate Data from a single place to add value to your customers.

Dynamic CMAs

How many times have you wanted to ‘adjust a tiny bit’ your CMAs to get an edge? Realdax gives you powerful one-click Dynamic CMAs on every property with a Balanced profile that can be changed to justify a “Higher Valuation” or a “Lower Valuation”. All in the most beautiful and precise CMA report in the market. Yeah, we know… you’re welcome!


Welcome to the SERVICE MARKETPLACE: a trusted place to find the partners that will help you close more transactions.

Trusted by real estate pros from world-class organizations

The Realdax Service Marketplace is the place where Industry Service Providers and Vendors come to help you with your deals. Here you can easily find local insurance agents, mortgage brokers, title agencies, lawyers and more. What’s even cooler, you can find who are running promotions for buyers, sellers, or agents, and take full advantage of these offers.

The Real Estate Service Marketplace changes the game forever.

Find the service providers you love, and the ones you are about to.

Your network of vendors and services can make or break the way you do business, whether that’s recommending a lender, finding experienced and affordable Real Estate photography, or your next lawyer to get more done. And the Service Marketplace is the best place to discover new services and vendors that let you reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Real Estate Service Marketplace Realdax

Accept cryptocurrencies for your Real Estate transactions. Without the volatility. Without the liability.

We work with your title agency to support cryptocurrency transactions and escrow for your buyers and sellers.
Buy and sell with Bitcoin, Dash or Monero. We’ll settle to the fiat or crypto of the seller’s preference for you.
Contract [Beta]
Realdax uses blockchain technology so you can send a legally binding contract with one click.
Title [Beta]
Record title from Realdax directly on the blockchain for supported counties. It’s easier, cheaper, faster… it’s just better.

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