A second brain for your business.

The only Real Estate Sales CRM that forecasts and optimizes your deal flow


A simple & visual Real Estate Sales CRM.

Better forecasts

Forecast your revenue with the Real Estate Sales CRM and assign targets for you and your team with key information like deals in the pipeline, quotas, and conversion targets. Identify the bottlenecks using real-time data and boost your team’s performance.

Effortless sales reporting

You can only manage what you can measure. With Realdax Sales CRM, manage the way your business is run with intelligent reporting that breaks down key metrics relating to your sales trends, marketing campaigns, team performance, and more.

Fresh leads 24/7

Realdax automatically forwards those leads generated by your marketing efforts, online presence and lead capture forms into Prospect deals. This means your deal flow continues to grow even in your sleep.

Real Estate Sales CRM by Realdax
A sales CRM that values quality over quantity

Keep tabs on your money easier than ever before.


See your past performance

Instantly know how you've performed with numbers like gross sales, # of transactions, transaction averages, and closed commissions. Knowing where you've been will help you know where you are going.

Forecast your gross commissions

Get a handle on how much you need to do to keep growing your Real Estate business. What's the size of my DB? How many of them are potential deals now? What are my forecasted sales? This and more, in a single spot.

Your contacts database on steroids

Bring your all your Contacts under one roof, and keep them up to date. We'll let you know when key dates are coming up that open up a touch point opportunity, like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries.

Monitor your deals and transactions

Easily move your deals from Prospects to Opportunities and Active, Under Contract and Closed with ease. Monitor how much potential gross commission income you have coming up in the next week, month or year, all one click away.

Keep your clients engaged till closing

The Sales CRM will automatically warn you when the activity level between you and your clients is slowing down. Every once in a while one a little nudge to get a deal unstuck and keep the engagement high.

Invite your clients to join the action

You can invite your clients to their own deal management portal, completely branded to you and your broker. They'll have as little or as much access as you'd like them to, and every action they take you can see in the deal activity.

Save Time With Built-In MLS Property Search

Many popular CRMs are great at tracking people and sales, but they lack MLS Property Search. Not here though 🙂

  • Add multiple clients to the same transaction
  • Keep tabs of Buy, Sell, Rents, and Referrals
  • Easy to follow activity feed of client actions
  • Built-in MLS and Public Record Search
  • Shortlist saved properties and share with clients
  • Track your scheduled showings and notes
Real Estate Deal Property Search

The most difficult steps of the home buying process were finding the right property and understanding the process. With the Realdax’s Real Estate CRM you get you’ll treat every customer with a white-glove experience that gives them confidence about finding the best property, and clarity during the acquisition process.

Finding the right property

Would it be OK if your doctor decided to use a butcher’s knife on your open-heart surgery? NO WAY! Why would anyone think buyers or sellers would be OK if agents use a generic CRM that doesn’t speak Real Estate? Buying or selling a house is often one of the biggest financial decisions in your customer’s life, and you should treat it as such. Learn More about how we help you find the best properties.

Understanding the process

Understanding what comes next, the paperwork and roadmap of the home buying and selling process is considered one of the biggest stressors of buyers, sellers and renters alike. With Realdax you can invite your clients to their transaction page, where they get to see exactly what has happened, what are the next steps, and who’s responsible for them. It’s never been easier to empower your clients with transparency over their transaction.

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